Falco Ara Macao

Arts Type: Artist
Event: Earthcore 2016
Area: Fractured Reality Art Zone

  • Website https://www.instagram.com/falcoarau/

Falco Ara Macao is the chosen name of Nikola Vucetic,The free spirit whose earth journey begins in the Mediterranean region of Croatia. His biggest passion and motivation in life are those to connect, connect people and also fragments of our current situation on Earth as humans. He is amazed by the possibilities to witness the most beautiful places on earth in one lifetime and also concerned about the current relationship between humans and the nature.

With his story he wants to inspire people to freely express themselves and find the way to connect to the fountain of all the possibilities that is within. He is not an artist,as boxes often block people on their own evolution. He is the free child of the cosmos embracing whatever comes with open arms. The attitude of a traveler is to discover,detach and leave no trace…after all we are here on a short journey. Love each other and be blessed.