Kayra by Ozgun Ozpinar

Arts Type: Installation
Event: Earthcore 2017 Victoria
Area: Other

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There are a number of locations across the planet where ancient men built portals and star-gates. In many cases, these gates did not only provide instant passage outside our own planet, but even beyond space and time, and according to countless myths, these passages were traversed by otherworldly beings.

In this approach Kayra is an art installation, which aims to build the connection between the wisdom of the ancients and to question why ancient civilisations built these mysterious portals? Are these constructions the result of ancient man’s imagination? Or is there something more to these mysterious symbolic structures and can we use that wisdom to re-activate the greater glory today?

The form of Kayra is inspired by Middle Asian Shamanic Drum paintings, one of which is a cultural representation of the Divine Creation. The video animations which bring Kayra alive create new human experiences to re-activate our consciousness by fusing shamanic symbolisms and esoteric imagery from different cultures around the world.

With the Kayra project Ozgun is aiming to draw from contemporary visionary art and shamanic symbolism to create a vibrant and beautiful scenery of our symbolic dialogue. Integrating shamanic symbolism with architectural characteristics into his artwork is also a key element in the concept adding an extra layer to this conversation between him and audience, the event and its participants.

Using high definition videos which are custom designed, Kayra will come alive at night and because the material which is projected on is transparent the videos will be visible from both sides of the portal creating a immersive effect. In order to promote sustainability and to connect with the ancient, Kayra will be built using recycled heritage timber which is environmentally friendly and sustainable as a decorative element to be in harmony with it’s surroundings.

Kayra is an innovational project with goals for further development of participant interactivity by using motion control and gesture recognition. Ozgun is dreaming of creating a performance where participants interact with the art and create their own unique experience using predefined content designed by the artist/artists to eliminate the barrier between art and participant and is looking into marrying art and human experience.


about the artist

Ozgun Ozpinar is a multidisciplinary designer and project manager with many years of experience in the creative industry as a design office team member and a freelancer.

Ozgun’s finely unique art experiment started while volunteering and working for local and international arts, culture and music festivals and exploring his artistic visions. In 2010-12, he worked as an Art Assistant alongside a well-known puppetry artist, Roger Titley, in the I-Kedi Social Project (Istanbul) – funded by the European Council for I-Dance International Modern Dance Festival. In 2010, Ozgun volunteered at Boom Festival (Portugal) as part of an international crew to build art installations using recycled materials. In 2016 he worked with Artist Carey Thompson, the Art Director of Boom Festival in one of his installations he did for the festival. In 2013 and 2014 he managed an international arts crew, where he designed and built several art installations and a second stage at Ayata Music and Culture Festival. Ozgun had his first Visionary Art Exhibition in Istanbul, 2015.

Ozgun’s minimal style in art is deeply influenced by ancient cultures and their mystical experiences and the symbolic imagery of the future. Ozgun is keen on using sacred geometries, cultural patterns and ancient symbolisms throughout his graphic design, digital painting, generative videos and he often fuses organic materials with videos and interactivity in his mixed media installations. Ozgun takes pride in collaborating with various dedicated artists to merge the diverse aesthetic of common consciousness in his expressive journey with art.