vj mandala

Arts Type: VJ
Event: Earthcore 2016
Area: Hydra Stage

Adem Jaffers (aka Nuero > Tekno Mandala > vj-mandala) video art adventures began with Amiga’s c1989. He conceived and co-produced the Cyberdelia doco 1991 which seeded the experimental Cyberthon VJ TV broadcasts 1992-95. He’s VJ’d at a swath of dance and outdoor parties for Blast Off, Every Picture, Earthdance, Psy-Harmonics, Big Day Out, Maitreya and Earthcore in Melbourne(AUST) c1990-2K+ and internationally with Infinite Frequency (LA) and Tsunami (NYC) c1999.

Adem’s toured with Third Eye and Soulscraper (aka Insurge) c1992 and created gorilla style MV’s for bands such as The Visitors, Shaolin Wooden Men, Zen Paradox and exhibited at Siggraph (USA), Next Wave, Fringe Experimenta and Whitenight festivals. A decade of passionately experimenting with real-time art culminated in the creation the cutting edge machinema [VJ]iSOtope144 engine c2001 and Metta Machine video feedback device.