Blastoyz! Exclusive Melbourne Show

earthcore presents


Fri 1 September

Doors 10pm-6am

Limited $20 super early bird tickets on sale 10am, Friday 4 August!

The king of new school full power psytrance, Blastoyz hits Melbourne for an exclusive one off show running till dawn and beyond..

Kobi Nigreker is the name behind the project BLASTOYZ!

Born in Israel 1990 and discovering the world of trance music in 1999 when he was just a 9 year old kid. Since that time, Kobi started working and experimenting with music production and making electronic music. Shortly afterwards, he realised what he wanted to do in life.. By the age of 17, he’d built his own home studio so he could start creating music seriously. Since then, Kobi has exploded onto the worldwide stage as Blastoyz, delivering an unmatched energy and finesse to his distinctive sound of hard-hitting baselines and memorable hooks and nowadays plays worldwide and also in Israel while creating his music nonstop.

Influenced from full power psytrance, Blastoyz has several collaborations with many big artists such as Skazi, Azax Syndrom, Upgrade, Bizzare Contact, Dapanji and many more. These days, Kobi spends his time playing around the world and also in Israel while continually creating new songs. With hit releases such as ‘Parvati Valley’, ‘Zoom’ w/ Ranji, “Fire Age’, a remix of Astrix’s smash hit “Life System”, plus many other new tracks in the works, 2017 is looking to be his biggest year yet!

After starting his year in Melbourne on new years day, Blastoyz has left fans counting down the days until his return! Now everyone can rest easy knowing that he’s just around the corner and planning his biggest show to date..

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