earthcore 25 year anniversary

earthcore 25 year anniversary

22 – 25 November 2018
Victoria – Australia

Australia’s pioneering music – arts – culture – lifestyle festival celebrating 25 years in 2018.

Set in the beautiful Victorian wilderness outside Melbourne feat epic stages across 5 days, Boutique Camping, Monster Market Precinct, Speakers Forum, Art Zones, Chill Out, Cinema, Lifestyle Village, Theme Camps, Freak Shows, Mind-Bending Art Installations, your closest mates and you! earthcore is the original bush doof festival that started an entire subculture that Australia is famous for. Join us for our 25th anniversary spectacular this November for a dirty weekend of good times with your mates.

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Life is a journey of learning and improving all the time

After 2017 we have put our heads down on how we intend on improving earthcore in 2018.

It’s too big

Yes, we agree. Bigger is certainly not better. This year we intend in keeping our overall numbers down and the quality of the experience pure. We don’t believe it’s possible to maintain an underground experience with having 18000 people.

This year will see a limited capacity festival with no additional tickets released once these sell out.

House music all night long…no thanks

earthcore’s primary objective since day one has been to offer a cutting-edge experience through great music. Contrary to popular belief, we know that music taste is far from subjective. We know that our music taste is the true essence of the bush doof experience. We don’t believe commercial music is part of this culture. Club music can stay in the clubs where it belongs.

If you want underground sounds in line with a spectacular outdoor natural environment then our festival is perfect for you. Our 2018 event will not see commercial DJ’s that everyone recognizes, but rather a return to our roots & the rediscovery of creative sounds.

From progressive to psy, to techno and all in between, allow us to be the curator and architect of the best music. Our 2018 international lineup will reflect what made earthcore what it is over the decades for young and old.

So what on earth do we believe in?

We are not a spiritual organisation, we are not saving the whales, or trying to look cool waving the flag of politics, race, sexual orientation or societal issues. Our ethos has evolved around enabling you to create your own destiny. There is no overwhelming driving reasoning for what we do. Our passion and purpose is we love what we do.

We are about going to the bush and having fun with your mates and friends you haven’t met yet. You can count on us to never pretend we are something that we are not.

earthcore will always be defined more so by you, than by us. You keep our mission alive and are at the forefront of our mind in every single one of our creations. We are a gathering of the people, for the people, embodying and embracing the subculture we created 25 years ago.

We spend a year planning and designing our festival and we believe the end result as always is nothing short of spectacular! Our 25-year anniversary show in 2018 will be a culmination of these decades with many of your favourite acts from the past and present. The old dirt road and mysterious checkpoint. The laughs, the smiles and good times in the bush with your mates. This is earthcore. This will always be earthcore. The original bush doof.

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