earthcore in the park – NSW

earthcore in the park – NSW

25 November 2017
Scheyville National Park

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earthcore in the park is a one day and one night outdoor event featuring some of the best acts and a taste of the same world class production you expect from the mothership 5 day earthcore festival in Victoria. Perfect for those of you that want all the fun without the travel. However, if you want the full earthcore experience then we recommend you head to Victoria instead. Either way…Join us for the ultimate doof experience.

24 hour non-stop music
camping grounds
all ages 16 +
licenced areas (bring id if you want to drink)

Hydra Trance Floor – Techno Temple – Basscore Bassment – Market Precinct – Licenced Areas – Sun – Fun – Your mates & You xxx

Want to camp?
For earthcorians wanting to take their experience to the next level and enter the camping grounds then a camping pass is required per person staying in the camping zone. If you are planning to bring a car then you will need to purchase a vehicle pass.

All ages event

16+. Under 18’s need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and will not have access to the licenced area.