earthcore 2018 – under 50 tix left + pillars of improvement + free birthday tix

Greeting folks
We are now under 70 days away from ground zero & there’s under 50 2nd release tix left

Save $100 off the final price by grabbing the last few here

Who are you going to bring? xxx

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Pillars of improvement

Our new site provides you plenty of space to camp your vehicle next to your camp. Perfect to keep your things safe and secure + options to use your vehicle as part of your personal chill out area & open space. All vehicles welcome including RV’s, vans, cars, caravans trailers and even a bus, Use your imagination and set up your camp to your heart’s desire.

We all know how much single use plastics are bad for the environment so lets make a community effort and make our festival plastic free. Use common sense before packing and do not bring any form of single use plastic on site.

After our drama packed 2017 season we are putting your money where our mouths are. If an international act doesn’t perform at earthcore 2018 & the artist is not to responsible for not performing you get a full refund on your ticket. No ifs or buts. A full refund. No questions asked.

We are sick to death of how messy people get at music festivals and how many people are too lazy to clean up after themselves. We are offering a $20 cash back to campsites that leave their site spotless after the event. Simply ask the gate staff for a camping number and our camping coordinator will pay you to respect yourself and the environment.

Much unlike many similar events where they cash in you bring a vehicle we have abolished this fee completely. Your ticket covers your entry & vehicle pass. No hidden costs.

What on earth is an early arrival fee that some festivals sting you for? We have no idea. If a festival starts Thursday it starts Thursday and that means your ticket comes with option to arrive when you feel like it. Any day. Anytime. No hassles. Gates open 12 noon Thursday for those of you who want to make the most of your festival experience.

Have your birthday @ earthcore 2018
and get a free ticket

Call out to Scorpian & Sagittariuns!

Does your birthday happen in November?

If the answer is a BIG YES you get to celebrate your big day @ earthcore 25 year anniversary 2018 for FREE!

Email for more details.

Droplex live mix

Enjoy this blistering mix by the king of minimal Droplex performing @ earthcore 2018. Tune in & drop out xxx