earthcore 2018 – Under 50 1st release tix left – You spoke. We listened. Changes to festival format update.

Losers snooze……

Your last chance to save $100 off the pre sale ticket price to earthcore 2018 is now!

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After a lot of feedback we are proud to announce the following improvements which we think will make your experience this year your best one yet.

no vehicle pass fee

That’s correct. We are one of the only music camping festivals around to completely abolish this cost.

Ticket price comes with vehicle entry. More money for you to enjoy your time at the festival & support the local traders in the market village. Add that saving to the fact we are half the ticket price of most camping festivals and you are getting the best deal possible this year.

BYO campervan or RV or trailer or caravan or even a bus

Plenty of room this year for your ultimate decked out camping experience at our new site. Use common sense and get a group together and co share a RV or caravan and reduce your carbon footprint whilst saving some bucks. Early arrivals ( 12 noon Thursday onwards) get the primo camp spots πŸ™‚

Non reusable + Non biodegradable plastic BANNED

earthcore 2018 is officially 100 % screw the environment plastic free. This includes you, you and you bringing plastic crap to the show. Bring your own re- usable utensils and leave your throw away plastic items at home. Show some respect for the planet in general and be part of the solution and not the problem.

Too many dancefloors

earthcore used to be about the epic energy created by everyone on a few dancefloors. Somewhere along the way (from 2000 onwards) we got the idea that up to 10 dancefloors was a good idea. It’s not. More dancefloors, as many of our faithful earthcorians have pointed out splits the energy of the crowd. We return to our original format that made earthcore what it is by having 2 epic dancefloors featuring the diverse music that you have grown to love.

Camp next to your vehicle

That’s right. Last year we annoyed a lot of people by having this policy due to the site we used. It’s back to camping next to your vehicle time which means more comfort and security for you & your mates.

Boutique camping now with power

For those of you that are looking for that ultimate in creature comfort we have added power to all Glamping packages. Choose your own design and bedding arrangements before you arrive. Perfect for couple or groups of friends up to 6 people per tent.
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These are just scratching the surface of the improvements we are making this year. Much more to come next email update…:-)

Do an art installation @ earthcore 2018

Joining forces in the creation of a colour and light dance between installation, attraction, sign design, pin up panoply, and hanging dangling, dropping, swirling, whirling dervish, of decor delights. Never do we use the same piece twice, guaranteeing a fresh spread of new art, for the most part, tailor made for the event.

From shock value to jaw dropping creative beauty, it’s all hanging out at earthcore. Have you got a wild installation idea?

Installation applications now open.

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McCoy’s S.U.N. Project
sends us the best promo video yet πŸ™‚

You could say these legends are slightly excited to be coming back to Australia this summer for earthcore 2018!

Become a ticket seller

We are currently recruiting ticket sellers with sales, promotion and social networking as optional bonuses. Why not ensure all your mates join you at earthcore 2018 & make some bucks along away including a free ticket or two for yourself.

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Celebrate your birthday on us @ earthcore

Call out to Scorpian & Sagittariuns!

Does your birthday happen between 22 – 26 November?

If the answer is a BIG YES you get to celebrate your big day @ earthcore 25 year anniversary 2018 for FREE!

Email asap for more details xxxx


earthcast #177 – space tribe

Full on psytrance live mix by the legendary Space Tribe. The Hydra floor @ earthcore 2018 this summer will be something else!


Want to do a market stall, workshop, work at earthcore, volunteer, join the site crew, join the media team or just be part of the action behind the scenes?

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Coming up. Catch the bus to earthcore, Survival guide, Festival FAQ’s answered & the announcement of our new venue