earthcore is an eyeball binge-fest. That is to say it’s a visual feast: oh yes, your corneal cortex will gorge to gagging on your frontal lobe. We have brought forth décor artistes from around the globe, so they may converge across the stages and site.

art installations

From shock value to jaw dropping creative beauty we join the creation of a colour and light dance between installation, attraction, sign design, pin up panoply, and hanging dangling, dropping, swirling and whirling dervish of decor delights.


performance_1200_444Indeed the army of troubadours, minstrels, acrobats, scallywags, raving performers, solo spectaculars, one eyed monoculars, one night vigils, the wandering, performing, stage addicts, who will delight, entertain and bewilder you.

vjs & 3d mapping

vjs_3dmapping_featured_imageIt wouldn’t be earthcore if we didn’t unleash unto you, a front row seat to the full majesty of the night sky and everything it brings. But, er, forgive us; we’ve decided to get all caught up in the earthly delights and bring some shit with us.