eco transport

Save the hassle and the environment by travelling to earthcore via environmentally sustainable transport. Help us reduce the carbon footprint of earthcore by travelling in large groups, public transport and in the most eco friendly way possible.

  1. Catch the bus: Have no fear ! Your ride is here ! Save the hassles and the environment by catching the official bus to earthcore.
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  2. Carpooling: Rounding up a few mates to drive up together is a great idea and recommended as opposed to everyone driving their own cars.  Help us reducing the amount of vehicles on the road, emissions in the air and at the venue.  For earthcorians who are looking to find new mates to carpool with we havecreated this event page on Facebook to make the process of carpooling to earthcore together even easier !
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  3. Great bike ride: There is no better way to travel in an eco friendly way than to jump on your bike to earthcore.  Registrations coming soon.