catch the bus to earthcore

Save the hassles and save the environment by catching the bus to earthcore in the park Sydney!

Please note that all bus tickets must be booked online, there will be no tickets for sale on the buses.

If you are intending on drinking at earthcore in the Park then DO NOT DRIVE!


Sydney bus times

Central Station to earthcore in the Park

Departure time: 11am on Saturday 25 November.
Departing from: Central Station, Pitt Street opposite Barlow Street Haymarket.

Parramatta Station to earthcore in the Park

Departure time: 11.30am on Saturday 25 November.
Departing from: Parramatta Station Bus Terminal.

earthcore in the Park to Parramatta Station & Central Station

Departure time:  12:15pm on Sunday 26 November.
Departing from: earthcore in the Park, Scheyville National Park car park.


terms & conditions

  • You must be 18 years of age to attend this event and to get on the bus.
  • No smoking on the bus.
  • No illicit substances to be brought onto the bus.
  • No glass is to be brought onto the bus.
  • No objects are to be thrown on or out of the bus, all passengers must also keep all body parts inside the bus at all times.
  • No alcohol is to be taken on the bus. Passengers are permitted to bring one non alcohol beverage contained in a plastic bottle or can.
  • No abusive or obscene behavior to any member of the general public or other passengers.
  • The bus driver reserves the right to remove passengers from the bus who display any unacceptable behavior for the safety & benefit of the passengers. Any passengers who are removed from the bus for the above reasons will forfeit their money paid towards the bus ticket.
  • We take no responsibility for passengers’ belongings so please ensure you collect all your belongings at the end of the trip, however, any items that are found will be kept at the bus office for seven days for safe keeping. After this period, we reserve the right to donate or dispose of the items accordingly.