up records

An independent Australian music label, forged in the flames of Sundance Records during the mid 2000’s by Francis Frey & Alexander Heilpern. Francis, a pioneer in the Australian psytrance movement & Alex, the energetic, cheeky manager at Franny’s side for a number of years passing. The parent label, Sundance is renowned for bombastic various artist releases & discovering the likes of Talpa, RAZ, Terrafractyl, Nystagmus, ARTAX, PLANUM and many more. These high qualities still reverb to this day in the final form of UP Records!

After their first releases, the debut Positive Thought album, two RAZ albums, a feature EP of Mr. Bill, plus Tristan Boyle & Grouch’s debut albums; it was evident that the heavily invested owner needed assistance, Alex invited Angus Smith as an assistant, eventually becoming co-owner and manager of UP Records; working alongside Raz Kfir as co-manager based in Israel; finalizing the management team of UP Records Australia. In later years much of their audience has stretched globally beyond previous hindsight, with a growing artist base primarily in Israel, featuring acts such as Upgrade, Pettra, Porat, The Freak Show, Organic Soup & many more. UP Records does not stick strictly to any one genre of electronica, having released techno, psytrance, progressive, chill, glitch hop and anything else the UP Records team thought worthy of public consumption. Be sure to check Up Records’ unique to take on all of the above at earthcore NSW.

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