This tango takes more than two. One helluva lot more! We have a plethora of options for participation. Theme Camps, Market Stalls, Art Installations, VJ’s, Performers, Workshops/Speakers, Volunteers, Media, Contractors and the ever present and highly mysterious “Other” category. If you occupy one of these pastimes/spaces/endeavours and you’d like to officially represent, this is where you get serious about your involvement.

For earthcore in the park Perth & Sydney please visit our interstate applications forms.

earthcore in the park applications

For all earthcore 2016 Victoria please use select the appropriate application below:

Market Stall


Please make sure to read the following information as well as the terms & conditions (below) before filling out this application.

If you are applying for earthcore in the Park Perth or Sydney. Please use this form instead - earthcore in the Park - Market Stall Application

Please select which best describes your stall type.

Please choose the dimensions required for your stalls operating area. This area does not include your back of house. The first number represents frontage and the second number depth.

Please specify frontage in meters including all guy ropes.
Please specify depth in meters. This should include stall structure, tents and vehicles.
Please describe your goods and/or services. This description must be succinct and well written for use in social media promotion.

Please upload a high resolution photograph of your stall or product. Please note your stall will not be accepted without providing this image. Logos are not acceptable.
Full Name as appears on photo ID.
EC management will post tickets to this address. Please ensure the address is correct and inclusive of post code.
List experience at other festivals and events.
How many staff do you require to run your stall? Please note all additional tickets will be charged at full retail price. Refer to stall rates for number of tickets allocated.
To trade at Earthcore you must have Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency no less than $10m.
Please state your TOTAL WATT USAGE then list the electrical equipment with specific watt usage. All electrical equipment must be tested with current tags. Please state how many LPG gas bottles you will have onsite. Please include the size of the bottles. A few lights or power for lights is not an acceptable answer.
Please detail what waste will require disposal. What measures and systems are already in place? All food stalls must use biodegradable crockery and cutlery. All stalls must minimize waste where possible eg no plastic bags.
Please specify your method of transport.What type of vehicle will be used to get to the event's location. If multiple vehicles will be used please specify how many under option 4 - Other.
Please specify if you will need vehicle access off site during the festival (Food Vendors only)


terms & conditions

Please read the following information thoroughly, as your stall may be subject to closure if the Stall Operator Conditions are not adhered to.

  1. General Conditions

    Application and Fee Payment

    Application and Fee Payment
    If your application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation e mail with attached tax invoice and terms and conditions.
    By paying your invoice, you will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.
    All site fees must be paid by the due dates specified on the invoice provided.
    Failure to pay the invoice by the due date will result in loss of stall space and deposit.
    All payments are non refundable.

    Important Dates:

    Official Festival Dates 24th Nov-28th Nov 2016
    First Payment Due (50% deposit or Full Fee) 10th August 2016
    Final payment Due (Balance 50% deposit) 16th October 2016
    Market Stall Applications Close 16th October 2016
    Bump in begins no earlier 10am 22th/no later than 10pm 23rd
    Bump out begins no earlier than Monday 28th November


    Incorporated in the cost of your general merchandise stall fee are 2 complimentary tickets.

    Catering stalls will receive a maximum of 5-8 complimentary tickets determined by stall fee and operation size. Staff tickets can be purchased at retail prices prior to event if they haven’t already sold out. This purchase must be made at the time of application and payment made along with stall fees.

    Tickets sales are non refundable.

    Map Allocation/Arrival and Egress

    Bump in commences 10am Monday, 22 November 2016. All stall must be ON SITE NO LATER than 10pm Wednesday 23rd November. The markets Manager will be available to situate stalls at the following times:

    Tuesday 22rd November 10am-10pm
    Wednesday 23rd November 9am-10pm

    Should vendors arrive outside these specified times, they will be asked to camp overnight and report to the site office at 9am the following morning.

    Should any vendor set up without the expressed permission of the Markets Manager they may be asked to move.

    Management is under no obligation to accept stall holders arriving to bump in after 10pm on Wednesday 26th November. Stall holders are required to remain set up and trading until the morning of Monday 28th November.

    Power will be switched off 9am Monday 28th November for non-food vendors.

    Power will be switched off 12pm Monday 28th November for food caterers. Please plan your clean up/pack down with this in mind.

    All vendors must vacate the site by 4pm Monday 28th November.

    The selection of stallholders and the location of the stalls will be at the absolute discretion of the organizers and no negotiation will be entered into.

    Once you have registered with the markets manager – DO NOT leave site until you have been situated.


    Traffic management plans, parking restrictions and other recommendations as required will be advised close to the event.

    Stall Presentation

    It is of the upmost importance that every effort is made to create a colorful and festive aura throughout the Festival site. You are required to decorate your stall in a manner that reflects your goods and attracts patrons.

    Catering Stall Presentation

    Food vans will require a facade to suit the theme of their food.

    In an effort to improve the appearance of our food stall service areas we are encouraging food stalls to consider table coverings and table decorations.

    Catering Stall Meal Tickets

    Earthcore will have a crew kitchen onsite for core staff. Management reserves the right to introduce staff meal tickets during festival should they be required. Meal tickets value will be calculated as 50% of the mean cost of main meals.


    We welcome food stalls to provide seating for people. Detailed measurements and descriptions must be included in your application.

    No Glass

    Earthcore is a glass free event.

    The sale of any food or drink in glasses or glass packaging is prohibited unless otherwise agreed by the event organisers.

    Trading Times

    Stallholders will be expected to operate throughout the entire Festival if possible. You are permitted to operate 24 hours per day.

    Pre-recorded Amplified Music

    Use of amplifiers or loud speakers, including CD or MP3 players by stallholders is prohibited except with prior written consent from the market coordinator.

    Stallholders are not permitted to employ, contract any performer or performance without prior permission from the event organisers.

    Promotional Marketing

    For marketing purposes, the event organisers may provide business contact details to media contacts and sponsors. Information about stallholders may be included in promotional material.

    The event organisers will not offer or imply sole rights or exclusivity for any product or service.


    A minimum of $10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance is compulsory for all stallholders. It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure their public liability insurance is current and covers the festival dates.

    Workers' Compensation

    If you are employing people to work on your stall, you must have work cover for your staff. It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure their work cover is current and covers the festival dates.

    Stall Site Boundaries

    Stallholders may not extend their displayed goods beyond the boundaries of their nominated site.

    It is not acceptable for stallholders to encroach onto the walkways or into other vendors space with their racks or goods.

    When deciding what stall site size you require, include your entire stall including all ropes and awnings. If you arrive at the festival and your stall is bigger than you have indicated, additional space will not be available.

    Soliciting (roaming) is not permitted unless a blanket stall has been purchased via management.

    Please use common sense when choosing stall size vs back of house requirements. Eg 6m caravan requires a 6 m frontage. Management does not guarantee you can camp directly behind your stall but we endeavor to ensure this happens where possible. In many cases vendors will need to share back of house with neighbors. Please be prepared for this and cooperate accordingly.


    Stallholders are not entitled to assign, share or sublet all or part of their site without written consent from the market coordinator.

    Pets & Livestock

    No pets or livestock will be permitted on the festival site.


    The festival precinct is a non-smoking area except for the designated smoking zones.

    The smoke free area includes all stalls.

    Stallholders are asked to smoke either in the designated smoking area or behind their stall.

    Please dispose of your butts carefully.

    General Health Requirements

    Stallholders serving food must supply a copy of their Food Safety Inspection Certificate.

    Stallholders must ensure that safe practices are upheld throughout the operation of the stall.

    This includes abiding by all safety regulations; OH&S protocols, as well as workplace health and safety standards.

    CFA requirements

    It is the responsibility of all food vendors to obtain a section 14 and section 40 CFA permit to trade at Earthcore 2016.

    LPG Gas Requirements

    It is the responsibility of all food vendors to adhere to current LPG gas regulations.

    Electrical Requirements

    All electrical leads require tagging and testing by a certified electrician IAW Australian Standards AS/NZ 3760:2003.

    Any stall holder intending to bring electrical equipment or leads into the festival is required to ensure that all items have been inspected and tagged by a licensed electrical contractor.

    This is essential for the safety of all stallholders, staff and patrons and a requirement of the Electrical Safety Regulation.

    This act imposes severe penalties in the event of non-compliance with its provisions.

    Food vendors are not permitted to use 3 phase power points on generators.

    Electrical leads that are not tagged may be confiscated

    Any faults or power failures caused due to consumer underestimation shall be charged to the consumer. Electricians will make random electricity consumption and equipment tag checks.


    We understand that it is preferable to camp behind your stall and we will endeavor to provide space to do so. In the unlikely event that this is not possible, there will be a reserved area for your convenience.

    Forbidden Sale Items and Menu Disparity

    The sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited, unless otherwise agreed by the event organisers.

    Stall holders who have been given written permission to sell alcohol, are required to provide copies of their Liquor License and Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificates to the Organisers. Such stalls must be manned by RSA trained staff at all times of operation.

    The sale of cigarettes, nitrous oxcide or any illegal drugs or substances is strictly forbidden.

    Food vendors who change the menu specified in their application may be in breach of agreements made by Earthcore and other vendors and may be asked to discontinue trade.

    Site Safety

    During bump in and bump out there are a number of construction areas within festival grounds. There are many types of vehicles moving around the site, cranes, forklifts, trucks etc. The festival site is NOT a safe playground for children. Although weaving in and out of obstacles on a bicycle or skateboard is an exciting challenge, it is simply unsafe! If you come early, please don’t bring your children and let them roam the site playing. You, your family and staff are asked to confine your activities to your stall site. UNSUPERVISED CHILDREN ARE NOT PERMIITED ON SITE.

    First Aid Kit

    Food stalls must have a suitable First Aid Kit available for staff use.


    Stallholders indemnify the event organisers against all actions, claims, reasonable costs, losses, and damages in respect of loss of or damage to property or personal injury (including death) or illness to any person in association with the establishment, operation, and removal of any trading premises during the day of the event.

    Garbage & Recycling

    The Festival organisers will supply bins for general waste, recyclable products on site for the public.

    You are required to inform event organisers of your waste disposal requirements before the event.

    The Market Coordinator will inspect your site before you leave the Festival to ensure all waste is removed.

  2. Sustainability Policy

    All stallholders are required to read and comply with the event sustainability policy.

    Cleanliness of the stall and surrounding area is the responsibility of each stallholder.

    Stallholders are required to remove all belongings and waste. Stallholders must ensure that waste is sorted and placed into the appropriate bins provided.

    Food stallholders must collect and remove any vegetable or cooking oils used and / or any grey water generated in sealed containers.

    Styrofoam cups, polystyrene containers or plastic bags are not allowed.

    Single-serve items such as individual sugars, salts or sauces are discouraged.

    Food stallholders should provide recyclable packaging wherever possible.

    Stallholders should take all practical measures to avoid the generation of unnecessary waste.


In order to be eligible for a volunteer role, you must first purchase a ticket. You will be reimbursed for your ticket up to 2 weeks after the event, once your team leader confirms the hours you worked with management.

Do you have a drivers license?
Do you have any special skills or experience that would be of help to the festival?

Theme Camp

A Theme Camp is an interactive place that provides a public space for earthcorians to attend. Theme camps can include soundsystems, a chill space, a interactive art installation, teaching a mindless skill plus much more. The possibilities are endless. This year, a $25 k theme camp grant has been allocated for the most original camps. All camps will be located in the District 13 theme camp zone. For more answers to your questions try or simply get started by filling out the form below!

(as it appears on official ID)
(as it appears on official ID)
Please tell us the concept of your theme camp
(width x length in meters)
Please describe your theme camp for the public, we will use this on our website if your application is successful
(encouraged but not required)
Please choose the best description of your camp’s interactivity
Please tell us approximately how much power you will be requesting, if your theme camp requires 3 phase power then please mention this
Will you be including audio within your theme camp? If so roughly how powerful will the speakers be?
Will your project feature any adult content or anything questionable for children to see?
Please choose which best describes your camping needs:

Is there anything else we need to know, or you want to tell us about your project? Any special requirements for your project or any info you feel you need to add..

Art / Installations / VJs

We love the incredibly creative people out there that show true expression via the medium of their choice be it Multimedia Visuals, Deco or a crazy installation. earthcore 2016 will also feature a art gallery and live art zone and plenty of space for sculptures.

(as it appears on official ID)
(as it appears on official ID)
(encouraged but not required)

Will your project feature any adult content or anything questionable for children to see?
Is there anything else we need to know, or you want to tell us about your project? Any special requirements for your project or any info you feel you need to add..


Are you a journalist, videographer or perhaps a photographer? We would like to hear from you.

Please upload a photo of yourself
A little bit of information about yourself and what you can contribute to earthcore

Contractor & Other

Do you hire out marques or something that we could add to the event? We would like to hear from you.

Please upload a photo of yourself
A little bit of information about yourself and what you can contribute to earthcore

DIY Social