district 13 theme camps

The District 13 Theme Camp Zone. For crazy campers and dastardly designers, enigmatic engineers with spectacular theatrics, roving performance and raving lunatics; come all ye Theme-sters, we call you to arms: earthcore has gone all out with the return of the inaugural District 13 Theme Camp Zone.

In the vein of Burning Man, District 13 is a breeding ground of activity, building, mutating, evolving camps; distinct in their difference, united in their common goal: to provide a unique participatory experience for the patrons of earthcore, we entreat you to offer something of the order:

An abstract landscape An underwater adventure
A rollicking ride A tripped out vibe
A rancho relaxo A palazzo deluxo
An alfresco espresso Ad-lib infinitum…

Think about what you can give to the people, the sky’s the limit crazy horse: rambunctious functions, designer discos, dynamic drink dens, pedal power play stations, pagan pathways, witches covens, hackers havens…

Theme Camps are expected to be up to speed with the Leave No Trace mandate.

Theme Camps are self sustaining and autonomous. They truck in what they need including power, materials and water and they truck out what’s left, including detritus left over from the partaking of the unique themed experience.

District 13 is a community event within the event. Making it better for all folks…

Open daily from Thursday til Sunday.

Theme Camp applications now open.

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