dooflex cinema

A delectable selection of indy hits, cult genre gems and local Australian Underground Cinema treats. Expect – Classic Horror and Sci fi, Shock to mind bending treats on the final night – PLUS freak out to wild local Aussie gems. The DOOFLEX is the perfect chill out area at Earthcore 2018 – drop by or drop in and see a movie. It’s free, it’s open, it’s comfortable and it’s fun!

Thursday 23 November Night of Horror

9:00 PM Night of the Living Dead
11:00 PM The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
1:00 AM A Bucket of Blood
3:00 AM White Zombie

Friday 24 November The Best of MUFF 2017!

9:00 PM Bloodlust
11:00 PM Mondo Yakuza
1:00 AM Sheborg Massacre
2:30 AM Stressed to Kill
4:00 AM Short Distance

Saturday 25 November Night of Sci Fi

9:00 PM The Night The World Exploded
11:00 PM Earth vs The Flying Saucers
1:00 AM The Day the Earth Stood Still
3:00 AM Robot Monster

Sunday 26 November Night of Mind Bending Cult Classics

9:00 PM Carnival of Souls
11:00 PM The Wicker Man
1:00 AM The Last Man on Earth
3:00 AM The Driller Killer