fluff station

There are many amazing things to do and see at a festival, including the mind blowing music artists and incredible set ups and sound. You and everyone else there are all part of creating this other worldly atmosphere to immerse yourself in for just a few sensational days. As well as the dance floor shenanigans, it’s also nice to take a break and go exploring to see what else makes up this collaboration of magic.

Fluff Station is open to you when you want that break and we would love a visit from you! Offering several different services in the one space, we will be there at your convenience to fluff you up! From face painting to hair styling, we have a great team of artists on board and a wonderful fluffy area to chill out in.

Take every advantage of being away at this festival and let our wonderful team fluff you up ! earthcore is like your holiday and we are your leisure center.

All fabulous things that make up our space include…

Face & Body Painting
Face and body painting will be available in our space. This is always so popular so we’ll have several artists ready and raring to glitter and spritz you up with the magic of colour and art!

Body Glittering

Get large parts of your body shinning and shimmering with amazing body glitter art! Dazzle yourself and be completely showered in shine.

Hair Dressing

There will be two fabulous hairdressers on on the go and ready for action.

They can do pretty much anything you desire! Cutting, shaving, clipping, twisting, braiding, pinning, styling and temporary colouring. Handmade accessories, feathers, coloured addons and much more to give you a funky do!

In addition to hair, there will be very talented lady doing hair wraps and dreadlocks too!

From head to toe be fluffed up for festival adventures !
We are a one stop shop to leave you feeling free and fluffy. We will have deodorizers, mints, lolly pops, chewing gum, hair sprays, sunscreen and other bits and bobs that might be too far for you to get from your camp site or that you simply forgot! So come see us for any emergencies like that and we’ll be sure to sort you out.

Expand your experience at earthcore even further by treating yourself to some relaxation time and beauty/art therapy! Express yourself by combining hair, nails, and body art and make yourself feel fantastic!

We look forward to seeing you at the Fluff Station !