fractured reality art zone

Sometimes you need your reality pared back a bit. A few distortions don’t go astray, a disjuncture here and there, a couple of fissures, a crack or two, a bent lens, broken bubble, a fold in reality. What better than the ultimate whacked out uber-gallery?

The Fractured Reality Art Zone runs from the Thursday through to the Sunday of earthcore. A timeline vortex featuring international artist showcases that will split your cerebral cortex; leave you squinting and tilting your head 15 degrees to the left in a vain search for perspective.

Joining the showcase are select Australian artists who can mix it with the cream on offer. This blend portends to be a profound Pandora’s Box of mixed mediums, multi modalities, of the artists, their work, the viewers, and live visual art creation.

This is all about paradox, parody and sensation. Magnificent art-scapes with deft touches of hyper real, the odd lashing of post modern, satirical twists and prophetic turns. All of it amounting to nothing. Or is this just the dreaming, twisting itself awake?

Art applications now open.

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