What to do, to unite this sea of spellbinding lunacy, of multiple stages and attractions, décor and distractions; we needed a glue, of sorts, to bind it together. But what could be high tensile enough, with the right amount of elasticity, structural integrity and all round resilience to weave such a showcase together?

Our performance stock! Indeed the army of troubadours, minstrels, acrobats, scallywags, roaming roving raving performers, our solo spectaculars, our one eyed monoculars, one night vigils, and the one night stand-ups, clowns, fools, harlequins, wizards and warriors, statue artiste’s, flying aerialists; these are our fabric, the glue; the wandering, performing, stage addicts, who will delight, entertain and bewilder you. All in the name of stitching up our tapestry.

Look out for our legion of performers, they will be placed right where you expected, to the left of where you least expected, and sometimes where you didn’t even see them at all.

Expect the unexpected!

Performer applications now open.

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