Once again, earthcore will be an epic battleground between the Forces of Light and Dark, as Swordcraft returns to Pyalong !

Epic costumes, fast, furious and safe combat: Imagine a few hundred people straight from another world, equipped in medieval gear having an epic battle on the hills whilst you’re camped below? Imagine having the opportunity to join the fray!

The bridge between worlds was closed last year with the Forces of Light smashing the Forces of Darkness. Now those with darkness in their hearts are trying to open it again and will go to any lengths to achieve their goals.

Walking the fields of Pyalong will be warriors, warlocks and denziens of darkness; journeyed here from the parallel world of Althea. Their world is one of endless war, powerful magic and creatures of legend.

If the call of battle rings in your heart, come to them and join in their fight! The choice is yours which side to join… but beware for some seek to strengthen the powers of chaos in their world and yours. They have swords aplenty, so seek them out and you can play a part in deciding the fate of both worlds…

Swordcraft is a competitive live action battle game, where players fight with realistic looking foam weapons to achieve computer game style objectives. For the second year running this unique experience will being returning to earthcore in 2017 and you too can participate in the action.

You can take part by:

  • Fighting skirmish battles in the arena (on the hill behind the hydra stage)
  • Going on escort missions through the earthcore site
  • Raiding the escort missions of other groups
  • Going on random adventures with Swordcraft veterans
  • Participating in tournaments
  • Fighting in the epic battle to decide who controls the portal to the Realms of Chaos

Sign-up at the Swordcraft Marquee at the end of the market stalls area on Friday and Saturday to learn how you can be part of the action (no experience or gear needed – just bring a drivers licence as deposit)

For more info check out their page on Facebook

For full Swordcraft rules and recommendations visit their website.

Swordcraft runs battles with over 400 people every Friday night, so if you want to work on your battle skills before earthcore, come along and try it out!