vjs & 3d mapping

Don’t forget your eyeball strapping tape, as the:

Optical Overload System gets up in your grill.

It wouldn’t be earthcore if we didn’t unleash unto you, a front row seat to the full majesty of the night sky and everything it brings… But, er, forgive us, gods of the heavens; we’ve decided to get all caught up in the earthly delights…

…and bring some shit with us.

Brace yourself for the visual feast that is, the Optical Overload System, open your eyes, and stuff your face with it.
As the sun descends behind the monolithic main stage, the Hydra Lighting Array powers up.

Assembled at its gears and levers, working in real-time across multiple screens and myriad projections, applying the newly regulated scorched dance floor policy, and, basically breathing life into this years arsenal.

Fine print warning: Brief moments of squinting, occasional ducking, weaving and, in cases of the “faint hearted”, the odd eyes closed instance, are inevitable. Sorry. 3D glasses ill advised.

You have been warned.

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