DIY social

Choose your own adventure and place it on our DIY Social Calendar; we entreat you: pitch your piece of party within the party.

It takes all types and this year the sky’s the limit. If you’ve got an idea for a campground activity and you want to share it around, invite folk to participate, join in, or otherwise get involved, then you are in the right place !

Likewise if you want to know what opportunities for interaction, calls to arms and general insanity are being concocted by your fellow revelers, this is your first and last stop (we’d recommend a casual glance at the Theme Camp Village also).

Knickerbocker joust, gin & tea party with scones, badminton ball, sparkle party, Twister tournament, Roman pageant, and more…

Gone are the days of the town crier, default now to the DIY Social Calendar. Post it, and join the modern equivalent of “build it and they will come”.

DIY social applications now open.

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