elemental lifestyle village

If other worlds were to collide, wouldn’t you want somewhere gentle, replenishing and nurturing to put the pieces back together?

If the main stages are the impact zone, then the elemental lifestyle village is the epicenter of renewal. Consisting of five distinct zones, the elemental lifestyle village offers an experience for each core element.

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chillout: water

chillout_zone_1200x444Put your feet up, rehydrate your body, still the mind and enjoy the aquatic themed psychedelicious haven. Let the stream of ambient frequencies and Down Tempo Rhythms uplift and wash over you. The element of water has arrived for you.

healing exchange: air

This is the province of the healing touch: across it’s multiple forms by: hand, frequency, light and vibration. Leave with a lightness you could only associate with the element of air.

physical exchange: fire

physical_exchange_fire_1200x444With mind and heart tended to, the body beckons. Workshops and practitioners present guided and safe excursions into the forms of dance, movement and yogic and martial expression. Let the spark ignite the Fire.

free your inner child: spirit

Venture into your inner child, connect with and reinvigorate the fifth element – the spirit. Discover, re- connect & embrace your innocence. Where spirit and you are not separate but integrated as a whole.

wisdom exchange: earth

wisdom_exchange_1200_444A hand picked assortment of dedicated teachers, practitioners and speakers; will encourage, provoke, incite, extol and explain their teachings and paradigms. Embrace, learn and discover.