Healing Exchange: Air

Enter an immersive world of liquid tranquility, where your comfort is our main objective.

Put your feet up, re-hydrate your body, still the mind and enjoy the aquatic themed psychedelicious haven, as you tune into the flow and allow the stream of ambient frequencies and down tempo rhythms uplift and wash over you. This is the province of the healing touch: across it’s multiple forms by: hand, frequency, light and vibration. Leave with a lightness you could only associate with the element of air.

Enter our space and let your journey begin or continue, let us guide you through any one of our practices that will leave you in a realm of love, healing and at peace, offering therapies such as Reiki, Shiatsu, vibrational forms of practice, meditation, intuitive remedial massage, reflexology and other forms of massage. We invite you, you and you to enjoy the offerings of the healing exchange: air space at earthcore…