We take environmental sustainability and leave no trace very seriously. We believe that festivals like earthcore must help educate with knowledge and implement change in the way we care for the environment !

At earthcore we have an extensive environmental and sustainability program that continues to improve every year. This year’s ground breaking environmental, recycling and waste reduction initiatives are:

100 % Recyclable Tent

We all know how much plastic sucks for the environment but did you know 1 in 4 people @ festivals worldwide ditch their tents at these events?

eco transport

Save the hassle and the environment by travelling to earthcore via environmentally sustainable transport. Help us reduce the carbon footprint of earthcore by travelling in large groups, public transport & other eco friendly ways.

endangered species

sustainability-featuredWhilst we expect all punters to treat everyone equally including all animals and plants, it’s important to know your surroundings to ensure no one disrupts these eco systems especially those that are listed as threatened species.

follow the solar lit road

This year at earthcore we are deploying solar powered LED fairy lights along the campsite roads to guide you safely back to home base.

gold class camping

On the Sunday arvo our environmental team will be roaming through the campsites looking for the cleanest camp sites. The 10 cleanest camp sites will recieve 2 free tickets each and a golden pass to the best camping zone at earthcore 2017!

grab your mates butts for free drinks

What on earth is this you ask ? The concept is simple, collect a can full of cigarette butts, bring them to the bar and you will be rewarded with one free drink for your efforts.

greener live performance environmental case study

eco-studyWe have been selected as a case study by Live Performances Australia as to how events can run more energy consumption efficient which is good news for you and the environment in general.

iso20121 international sustainability initiative

isoearthcore has a goal of achieving certification to ISO20121 and developed the earthcore Sustainability Policy back in 2012 as an initial step towards achieving this goal.

leave no trace

Leave No Trace is about rubbish, sure, but it’s more than that; it’s a philosophy that’s changing the way people approach the environment, party culture & especially festivals. Leave No Trace applies to everyone from the crew to the punters.

lounge lizards

To encourage responsible behaviour, at earthcore we will be taking a $100 deposit for any couch brought into the festival grounds. This deposit will be fully refundable at the end of the festival as you exit with your beloved relaxation device safely and securely stowed away for transit back home.

recycling and waste reduction

recyclingWe have introduced our strongest focus on recycling than ever before and encourage punters to follow our lead. We’ve covered all the bases from paper, plastic, metal, cigarette butt and compost recycling to donation bins to charities.

stomp the seeds

Before you arrive at earthcore, we will sow grass seeds under the dancefloors. As you stomp away over the duration of the festival you will be planting the seeds to replenish any deterioration of grass caused by all the dancing & wild antics.


As pioneers of Australia’s outdoor festival scene, we know that positive social, environmental and community outcomes are only achieved through open communication, collaboration and responsible management.

treecore tree planting weekend

Help us return the farmland of our festival site back to it’s original state by getting involved in our yearly tree planting session.

vehicle passes

For earthcore 2017 we will be introducing a Vehicle Pass which is required to be purchased per car to encourage car pooling and other eco friendly transport methods to the festival and back.