leave no trace

What is this thing bandied about so readily? Leave No Trace. It’s about rubbish, sure, but it’s more than that; it’s a philosophy that’s changing the way people approach the environment, party culture and especially festivals.

Typical attendant attitude runs something like this: “I’ve paid for my ticket, that means you entertain me and clean up after me.” Sure there’s truth to this. We will entertain the shit out of you. With days of it. And you’re right; we’ll clean up after you as well. But it runs deeper than that, and we’re inviting you to get onboard.

Leave No Trace is our commitment to the land we’re privileged to festival on, and the people we’re honoured to party with.

It’s about a deep and resonant respect occurring through the event from the ground up. From us as event organisers, to the staff, the volunteers, the dj’s the artists, the practitioners, the stallholders, food vendors, the security, and, the vital and most fundamental element to the festival: you, the partygoer. All of us.

Leave No Trace is only possible when all the “factions” stop seeing themselves as separate and gather as a community. That means looking out for one another as one tribe. We’re seeing it more and more, and nowhere more so than in the festival space:

Think of your impact on the land, the people, and the party. What sort of lingering vibration do you want to leave? Your resonant vibrational footprint remains on other people and on the land. There’s nothing better than leaving with a smile on your face because you remember the look on someone’s face when you made that unexpected positive impact on him or her.

Simple steps to Leave No Trace:

  • Pick up after yourself. Every bit of refuse has its impact.
  • Collect a portable ashtray so you can bin your butts. Or failing that, pocket them until you find a bin. (Cigarette butts are about the worst thing you can leave lying around).
  • Poke your mates if you see them flicking their butts on the ground.
  • Use the recycling bins for all your recyclables. (We’re doing our best to make these bins pervasive and easy to access).
  • Show your mates how it’s done by being willing to pick up some of their crap. (It’s amazing the quiet impact this has, and soon they will be doing it too.)
  • When buying food and drinks, and toys for the event, consider reducing the packaging. Either buy things that are crushable and recyclable, or remove them from packaging before you come. (Every bit of garbage and recycling is trucked out of the festival, and yes you pay for this service, but you can make it so much easier for all concerned if you follow these steps.)
  • If you see someone in distress, offer to help or ask if they’re okay. (This seems to have a domino effect and all of a sudden such generosity of spirit spreads like wild fire).
  • Thank you for reading to the end of this and considering it. It may be a new perspective, it may be familiar to you, but the more we act in concert, the more we all benefit. Welcome aboard.