recycling and waste reduction

This year we have enforced our strongest focus on the environment than ever before and encourage punters to follow our lead.

The following waste reduction and recycling initiatives will return this year at earthcore:

plastic, metal and paper

Separate dropoff points will be available throughout the festivals grounds for recycling materials of a plastic, metal or paper composition. The dropoff points will then be sent to our waste sorting table that will be used to hand sort through the waste to pull out recyclables and prepare them to be forwarded to the appropriate recycling centers.

dunk your can recycling bins

eco3Also keep a look out for our many dunk your can recycling bins through out the festival to get involved in a fun and productive environmental initiative.

Any aluminium cans collected with these recycling bins will be sent to our waste sorting table to be prepared and forwarded to the recycling center.

cigarette butts

Look out for our bin ya butts ashtrays around the festival !
Look out for our bin ya butts ashtrays around the festival !

The days of throwing a cigarette butt on the ground need to come to an end and we are making big steps to help prevent this common problem. Cigarette butts are threatening to animal and plant life within the environment, therefore we will have plenty of ashtrays around the campsites, dance floors and festival grounds. Don’t forget anyone can join our grab your mates butts for free drinks program at any point during earthcore.

We aren’t just stopping here though we are going all out with the cleanup of cigarette butts !

Once all the cigarette butts have been collected we will be sending them to a company that we have sourced who will then recycle this litter into a variety of useful every day products such as park benches, export pallets and rubbish bins with the help of the tobacco industry in Australia (British American Tobacco Australia, Philip Morris Limited and Imperial Tobacco Australia).

organic food compost

Dropoff points inside the festival grounds will also be available to deposit organic foods such as vegetables, salads, fruit .etc

A local pig farmer will be engaged to collect compostables and take them offsite to feed farm animals.

general waste

Garbage bags will be handed out at the entry point for waste and also daily to your camp site for doofers’ convenience.

lounge lizards

Everyone loves a good campsite couch at festivals for those moments when you just need to relax, however as great as couches are at the party we all know what a struggle they can be to transport to the festival or even worse on the environment if left onsite.

To encourage responsible behaviour, this year at earthcore we will be taking a $100 deposit for any couch brought into the festival grounds. This deposit will be fully refundable at the end of the festival as you exit with your beloved relaxation device safely and securely stowed away for transit back home.

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larger items and furniture donations

Whilst we encourage everyone to only use what they need and to take home everything they brought with them, we will be accepting donations for tents, blankets, chairs and furniture to be sent to local charities. These items will be sorted, however, everyone is encouraged to not attempt to donate broken or damaged items.