sustainability policy

As pioneers of Australia’s outdoor festival scene, we know that positive social, environmental and community outcomes are only achieved through open communication, collaboration and responsible management.


Our approach to festivals is defined by the following principles:

  • Support host communities by sourcing local products, services and materials wherever possible
  • Conserve resources by promoting renewable energy, sustainable transport and adopting water and waste efficient practices
  • Protect environmental biodiversity by identifying and avoiding impacts on local wildlife, endangered species, waterways, and sensitive areas
  • Satisfy relevant legal obligations and ensure all staff and contractors are appropriately trained and aware of their responsibilities
  • Minimise waste impacts by considering waste in event planning and purchasing decisions, and adopting a leave no trace policy at all events
  • Support local charities, initiatives or programs and respect local culture, heritage and traditions
  • Foster diversity, creativity, inclusiveness and unification through exposure to music, art, and lifestyle culture
  • Raise the bar at every event through planning, monitoring and a culture of continuous improvement

Last year Greener Live Performance conducted a case study on earthcore 2014 detailing our sustainability practices and we encourage you to read what they had to say.