boutique camping

boutiquecamping-featuredFor the seasoned rock star, the party princess or the decorated veteran ready to Glam it up in style. Glamping is for those who want a little more luxury and a little less effort.

camping options

camping-featured5 tiers of camping – an option for everyone. You choose the what best suits you; from the wandering nomad to the pampered princess, it’s all laid out for you…

catch the bus to earthcore

slider12Need to get to earthcore and back? Have no fear! Your ride is here! Save the hassles and the environment by catching the official bus to earthcore.

clancy’s doofside car assistance

Have you ever had car troubles at a festival? Have no fear, Clancy is here! Returning to earthcore there will be an onsite mechanic there to help you through your darkest hour and get your car back on the road for the journey home.

directions to your destiny

directions1Our festival location in Pyalong is a short 90 minute drive north of Melbourne and very easy to find. Here you will discover straight forward instructions to make it hassle free to the earthcorian gates. Your destiny awaits…

festival frequently asked questions

slider12Daily we are asked similar questions about earthcore, so for your benefit we have put together the A to Z of essential frequently asked questions to help you on your way.

jobs at earthcore

slider12Want to work at earthcore 2018?

photo gallery

We take pride in capturing the moment to share amongst all earthcorians.  Relive all the action via our mammoth collection of photos from past festivals and events.

local attractions

locals-featuredWe pride ourselves with supporting the local community of Mitchell Shire and along the way to your destiny there are plenty of places to stop over and things to do.

survival guide

survival-featuredNobody likes rules and we certainly promote freedom to just be yourself however the following common sense guidelines are essential if you intend on having a great time at earthcore.