Boutique Camping

For the seasoned rock star, the party princess or the decorated veteran ready to Glam it up in style. Glamping is for those who want a little more luxury and a little less effort. A “pay extra” camping solution one step short of a stay at the Hilton.

Located with best access and facilities: There are two Glamping Options. Both include powered camping.

Bell Tent
A well pitched Bell tent (Central Poled teepee hybrid) with mattresses. Deck it out to your hearts content.

Bell Luxury
A well pitched Bell tent with mattresses, bedding and furnishings. Congratulations you are now a Bedouin Chieftain.


1. Bell – Tent and airbeds

4m (4 people max): $800 +BF

5m (6 people max): $1000 + BF

2. Deluxe – The lot including bedding, furnishings and more

4m (4 people max) : $950 + BF

5m (6 people max : $1,150 + BF

Note. Boutique Camping bookings do not include entry to the festival.
Once you arrive at the start gate checkpoint, you will be ushered by an earthcore tent team member to your new home for the weekend.
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