You choose the option that best suits you; from wandering nomad to pampered princess, it’s all laid out for you…

4 Tiers of Camping – An option for everyone

Tier 1. Traditional Camping

Due to council by-laws prohibiting tents to be pitched next to vehicles all normal camping is walk in camping. You will be asked to park your car in the dedicated car park near the camping zones and walk your gear to your camp spot.

Tier 2. Campervan + RV Camping

A dedicated zone for all campervans and RV’s will be available for those of you bringing these vehicles to the festival. You will be advised at the gate where to go.

Tier 3. Glamping (Boutique Camping Solution)

For the seasoned rock star, the party princess or the decorated veteran ready to Glam it up in style. Glamping is for those who want a little more luxury and a little less effort. A “pay extra” camping solution one step short of a stay at the Hilton. Located with best access and facilities! Your vehicle will be parked close to your boutique tent.

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Tier 4. Powered Camping

Add that extra convenience to your camp zone by adding power for all those times you need to recharge your phone (site has 4g reception), need to get lights happening and so much more. Vehicles will be positioned close to your powered camping spot.

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We must keep the roads of earthcore safe and easily accessible at all times so please keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Our helpful crew will escort you to a car space & direct you to park. Please do not park or stop until directed by our staff.
  • Once your vehicle has been parked follow the signs to camping.
  • Once your vehicle has been parked at your campsite, please do not move it or drive it around on site.
  • Patrons wishing to exit the site prior to Sunday afternoon are best to notify our crew at the traffic checkpoint in the car park.
  • There are no pass outs or re-entry into the festival once you leave.