local attractions

There is nothing more convenient for everyone attending earthcore than having a town near the festival site for those essential supplies. Make sure you check out the town of Elmore on your way in and out of the festival.

There are 3 pubs in town (Shamrock, Railway & the Victoria Hotel) all with extremely hospitable publicans including Danny and Norma. Great coffee down @ Oasis Cafe, Pizza is spot on @ Elmore Takeaway and the Elmore Bakery has everything one needs.

There are also several galleries in town including a very peculiar place called Muddy Waters + the BP on the corner going into town is very much looking forward to you, you and you descending upon them come festival time. Lastly, let’s not forget the IGA that will be busier than the Olympics Opening Ceremony come November 🙂

There is nothing more exciting than being welcomed into a new community so don’t forget to check out Elmore before and after the festival and support the people that support us!

Check out these amazing traders on the main drag located several kilometres from the festival site on Railway Place, Elmore.

For more info check out www.elmorevictoria.com.au