survival guide 2018

The earthcore Survival Guide. Nobody likes rules and we certainly promote freedom to just be yourself however the following guidelines are essential if you intend on having a hassle free great time at earthcore. Please read carefully and apply common sense at all times 🙂

  • Check our website regularly for the latest updates and some pointless info also
  • You will not be permitted to enter the site until 12 pm Thursday 22 November.
  • Make use of local facilities. The local community supports our event so please support them wherever possible.
  • Look after yourself and your mates at all times.
  • Familiarise yourself with the festival area, take note of the location of First Aid, water, toilets etc or don’t and just grab a map from the info tent.
  • Remember to drink water. Dehydration can occur even on overcast days.
  • No Illegal Substances
  • No2 bulbs are banned from earthcore because they make a mess, aren’t good for the environment and seriously ugly littered all over the ground. If you are caught you will be asked to leave the festival.
  • No Generators or Sound Systems unless approved
  • No Pets. Assistance Dogs are the exception
  • No fires, fireworks, quad bikes or mini bikes.
  • No Passouts for outside venue site. This is a condition of our permit. Why leave anyway ?
  • You must wear your wrist band at all times.
  • No littering. Littering makes us sick and the environment sick also.
  • Your ticket!
  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat, Smiles and perhaps a peace offering (or sacrifice) for the temple of Zeus?
  • Any personal medication if required.
  • Photo ID even if you look 50!
  • Spending money (food, market stalls etc)
  • Don’t drink and drive as this isn’t just stupid it’s also dangerous!
  • If you are coming with friends or in a group have a designated driver to get you safely to and from the festival or better still don’t drive at all.
  • Take care under trees, branches can drop at anytime and please don’t climb them.
  • Smoking kills and is not good for unborn babies however if you do decide to, dispose of your butts in bins. Or better still, visit our info tent to collect the cigarette butt holders.
  • 10km/hr speed limit, please follow the taped paths, signage & directions as guided by our friendly crew.
  • Our helpful crew will escort you to a car space & direct you to park. Please do not camp, park or stop until directed by our staff.
  • Patrons wishing to exit the site prior to Sunday afternoon are best to notify our crew at the traffic checkpoint near the campground end of the market stalls area.
  • There are no pass outs or re-entry into the festival once you leave.
  • People found littering (including butting) will be asked to leave the event without exception or mercy.
  • No Bean Bags, those little foam beads don’t mix well with the natural environment when it breaks, besides Bean Bags are so 80’s…:-)
  • There will be enough party animals on site so please don’t bring any of the furry variety
  • A $100 deposit for any couch brought into the festival grounds. This deposit will be fully refundable at the end of the festival as you exit with your beloved relaxation device safely and securely stowed away for transit back home.
  • No glass. Yes we have repeated ourselves just in case you forgot.
  • No flame policy, no gas cookers, no gas lights, no candles, no fireworks.
  • No stage diving, crowd surfing, moshing unless you have a permit to do so.

This is a Leave No Trace event. You are responsible for everything you bring onsite, including the waste you generate. Clean and sorted aluminium cans, plastic bottles and cardboard can be deposited at one of the recycling stations onsite.

Medical services will be stationed on site for the duration of the event, so you can feel safe knowing any first aid needs will be dealt with in the most professional manner. Prevention is better than a cure so look after yourself and your mates at all times.

This is an outdoor festival in a natural environment. There are certain risks associated with these activities and by attending you agree to accept full responsibility for yourself and your actions. Management reserve the right to refuse entry at all times.

There will be free drinking water available. Bring a reusable drinking bottle

Toilets are located in the festival area. If you see any problem or lack of cleaning please report it to the Information tent. Messing up the toilet by miss firing or not flushing will bring you bad karma at a later date. Wheelchair accessible toilets will also be present onsite.

Eftpos machines will be available on site at the information tent

Have more questions? Need more tips? Click here to read the festival faq