Want to work at earthcore 2018?

This year we will need crew for:

  • Set up squad
  • Pack down posse
  • Door ushers (suave, yet assertive)
  • Clean up swat team
  • Stage management retinue
  • Camping and parking attendant group
  • Info tent Intel
  • Tradies such as electricians, carpenters, riggers, plumbers, labourers, forklift drivers
  • And much more…

We need a blend of:

  • Experienced party crew, who’ve been there and done it; you know what it takes to make it happen and are ready to share their love. And we need the exuberance of new crew; you want to get on board and take a magical ride, you’re willing to learn on the job and you’re looking for work experience in the event management industry. Welcome aboard…

If the above sounds like you then please submit a job application below.

Tell us more about your skills and specialties
A little bit of information about yourself and what you can contribute to earthcore