monster mainfloor

Nestled amidst the undulating landscape, and standing tall at the foot of the biggest hill on site, the main floor looms over the plains, with spellbinding infrastructure, encompassing decor, sweeping lasers and lighting arrays, and of course the largest sound system on site.

When you need your entire body rocked to it’s core, turn to the rolling thunder of the monster main floor!

hydra stage

Out of a mythic fable, this two-headed beast of a stage breathes out gouts of psychedelic trance fury. Arguably earthcore’s most loved stage. You won’t find people dancing harder for longer and with more uplifting spirit than at Hydra. A force to be reckoned with. Buckle up.

kinky karnival

What’s a festival without a touch of the carnival? The sights, antics and delicious sound stylings of multiple djs and producers coming together under the big top roof. This zone has a touch of the theatrical, the flourish of the circus, and the random designs of Kinky Chaos. Come in and get lost.

yellow sunshine

A soothing counterpoint to the cut and thrust of the other dance zones.

Down tempo rhythms, deep house and smooth architectural soundscapes from select artists, dj’s and producers from all over the world. Lush performance, gentle lighting in comfortable surrounds.