earthcore operates under a very strict permit relating to patron capacity that we are not allowed to exceed. For this reason and out of respect for earthcore’s neighbours, as well as the earthcorians who have done the right thing and purchased tickets, trespassers will be removed from the venue immediately upon discovery by security or staff.

This year we will be starting a new initiative at earthcore to stop fence jumpers and to respect our neighbours and local community.

1. All cars parked outside the festival grounds will be towed away and impounded.
2. All cars found on any adjacent properties will be towed away and tresspassing charges will be laid by the Victoria Police
3. There are multiple Tresspassing Marshalls on site during the entiree event looking for people without a wristbands.

Anyone found without a wristband will be taken to the front gate by security and requested to pay full entrance fee or be forwarded to the Victoria Police for tresspassing.