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Harmonic Bliss

Workshop Host: Cecilia Caleandro, Rhiannon bright, Jasmine Jarvis, Justin Vilchez
Workshop Type: Music
Where: Spirit Space
When: Saturday 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Area: Elemental Lifestyle Village

Sound Embodiment Journey

Let us all connect together with shared intention to create a healing sound and movement experience.

Feel safe to fully express, embody and integrate emotion and insight drawn from the elemental sounds of live intuitive music, shared with love.

This is a warmly and minimally facilitated sound/ free flow dance ritual. First we connect as a group, then the floor is open to experience the music however you feel.

Being still, dancing, singing, clapping, stomping, all forms of expression is encouraged. As long as we are mindful of each other. Let us create the moment together!

Bring a special item to contribute to the altar if you feel.

Come and flow with the music.

Harmonic bliss are an evolving collective of souls that have formed to connect all with the present through live improvised music. With an eclectic range of instruments, angelic vocals and synth, the collective offers a dynamic ambient sound experience designed to transport you to blisstopia. It is the heart behind the sound which makes the creation truly magical.

Featuring: Cecilia on harp and vocals, Jasmine on flute, Rhiannon on vocals and singing bowls, Jag on tabla and trumpet, Nathan on didgeridoo and percussion, Betty on Tank and medicine drum, Justin on guitar, Shawn on recorder and Synth and Ella on beats and bass.