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Rock Mandala Workshop

Workshop Host: Vandana Chand
Workshop Type: Other
Where: Spirit Space
When: Friday 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Area: Elemental Lifestyle Village

A mindful and creative respite to ground yourself is just what the Doctor will order after all the transcendental travelling you’ll be doing!

Mandala in Sanskrit roughly translates to mean circle and is a complex, abstract design generally circular in form. They usually have one identifiable centre point from which an array of symbols, shapes, and both geometric and organic forms emanate from. They can also contain recognizable imagery that carry meaning for the person creating it.

In its essence, a mandala represents the connection between our inner worlds and outer reality and designing your own can be both inspirational, therapeutic, as well as aiding a mediative state and increasing self-awareness.

In this workshop, Vandana will introduce you to the free-flow expression of mandala rock art where we will draw inspiration and guidance from the iconic dot art endemic to Ancient Indigenous Australian’s.

When creating your mandala rock, you will be given the ability to gaze deep within yourself and draw upon the colours and patterns in the subconscious mind to symbolise either a state of mind that you are in or would like to achieve. The finished take-home piece will be an echo of your soul.

Find your inner stillness and come full circle by connecting with your spirit at this Rock Mandala Workshop!